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Benefits of Landscaping with Local Native Plants

Plants native to Virginia will support a larger number of wildlife species than non-native plants.

Landscaping with regional plants shows a sense of place.

Local native plants are used to our temperature and rainfall fluctuations and therefore do not need pampering.
If you mulch with ground hardwood leaves and let them break down and become part of the soil,
you will not have to fertilize and you will have a nice looking mulch.
Likewise, spraying for bugs is not necessary for local plants.
Insects that feed on the local plants will never eat enough to hurt the plant,
as the insects need to come back another time to feed again.

Not having to feed and spray with chemicals saves time and money.

Seeing butterflies, dragonflies and lightning bugs around your plants
is much more pleasing than seeing nothing at all.

Native plants provide food for the insects, birds, mammals and invertebrates.
They provide shelter and serve as host and nectar sources for insects to continue their life cycles.
Foreign plants (plants from out of town) cannot provide this.

Plant roots absorb nutrients and interrupt sediment from entering our local waterways.
This keeps low water areas boatable and helps aquatic nurseries in both fresh and salt water to thrive.

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